cinnamon sugar

Apple pie spice mix

2 tbsp sugar


bacon fat (optional)

4 eggs

Milk, coffee creamer, half and half or egg nog

Capful vanilla extract

bread, challah, brioche, or white

maple syrup

a towel


  • Letting your bread go stale the night(s) before isn’t required but you absolutely need to try it that way.

  • Beat eggs, add spices, milk and vanilla

  • Pour this batter into a flat bottomed container. square tupperware containers are perfect

  • Soak the bread in the batter on both sides. Submerged if possible. If the bread is stale (it should be) you’ll have to be patient and jostle the slice in the batter to help it absorb more batter.

  • Heat up bacon fat (or butter or oil) in a pan or skillet or flat top. You want it hot but not screaming hot.

  • Let the bread drip a bit before putting in the pan. Leat each side get golden brown, flip to avoid burning.

  • Once both sides are golden brown put the slice on a plate with fresh butter while it cools and you’re still cooking some more. If it’s not golden brown then it’s not done.

  • Serve with jam, fruit, a dusting of powdered sugar, honey, maple syrup, butter flavored amber corn syrup, whipped cream or whatever you like to have on your french toast.