1 lb Lentils [washed]

Chicken, Beef, Bone, or Vegi Stock. About a quart

Butter, oil, or bacon fat

salt and pepper


seasoning, herbs de provence, braggs seasoning, ‘italian seasoning’, or whatever you prefer. 

    If you are missing garlic, ginger, or onions you can add them in powder or salt form, adjusting how much salt you add if you use garlic or onion salt.

ginger [minced, grated, diced, dried and powdered, or paste] (optional)

garlic [similarly, any form you prefer] (optional)

shallot or onion [diced or chopped]


  • add seasoning, salt pepper, diced onions/garlic/ginger to fat in
  • saute until the onions are translucent and the aromatics fill the the kitchen
  • add dry lentils and toss with the fatty aromatic mix to coat
  • add stock
  • pressurize for 30 minutes, use quick release